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Enjoying a Staycation!


Enjoying a Staycation!

Plan a Memorable Staycation.

Do you have vacation time to use but you are short on funds or time? You can relax and recharge without going far. You might be surprised by the number of things you haven't experienced in your own city or close by.

First figure out who you'll include. Singles may opt to grab a friend to join them or may want to go solo. Couples with children may choose to solicit a relative to watch the kids or will decide to include them.

Set a time frame for your staycation and plan ahead to avoid any distractions. Wrap up work and home projects just as you would if you were traveling for a vacation.

Check out your local tourism sites to get ideas of what you might want to do and discuss the options with anyone joining you.

Search for a hotel deal near the places you want to go. You can forego a hotel if you'd like to cut costs but make sure you don't let yourself get distracted with home tasks that can be done later. Also, be sure to plan activities each day that are not a part of your normal routine.

Visit a new restaurant. It's easy to get into a routine of eating out at the same familiar places. When you go away on a vacation, you try new places. Seek out what is new in your town or find a place that you have just overlooked. Ask your friends for suggestions or look up restaurant reviews.

Eliminate the stresses of travel and enjoy your city!