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Love Your Kitchen Part 2


Love Your Kitchen - Part 2

Nathan Pfahler: Now, what about when you seam granite or you seam quartz, is it the similar process? Does one seam better than the other?

Curt Wible: They both seam the same. It's a similar process and really, that's where using an expert is going to get people who are really good at seaming and making those tend to disappear. But the process is the same.

Nathan Pfahler: Okay. Awesome. So, what are some things, if you're looking at doing a high-end kitchen remodel, what are some aspects that you would recommend a homeowner looking into to have in that kitchen to just kind of have the wow factor or just make that kitchen be the kitchen of their dreams?

Curt Wible: I would really say it's the details. So, it's going to be things like, and I'm going to turn here, I don't know if the camera will catch it, but corbels, some supports. You have under-cabinet molding, you have the opportunity typically in those with taller ceilings. So, you can do a fancier crown, possibly stacking a couple of pieces. Adding things like glass door accents. And then there's also decorative end panels you can be putting on the end of cabinets where they're exposed. You can be putting panels on top of dishwashers or refrigerator doors to make the appliances just kind of disappear and look like cabinets. So, it's a lot of those details in the same way as hardware. There is a variety of hardware and it's an opportunity to put a little bling.

Nathan Pfahler: Yeah.

Curt Wible: If you will, that can really also dress up what the kitchen looks like.

Nathan Pfahler: Okay. Kind of allows the homeowner to maybe to put a little bit more of their character into that.

Curt Wible: Absolutely, a little personality.

Nathan Pfahler: Okay. So, on the flip side of that, say somebody doesn't have a lot of money to spend, but they are looking to do some of those, make their kitchen feel more homey, feel more warmth. What are some of the things that you would recommend them doing in that case?

Curt Wible: A lot of what I just talked about can also be done on a kitchen that the cabinets are okay and the countertops are okay. You can put some decorative end panels on those as well. You can put the under-cabinet molding and under-cabinet lighting on, and crown if they don't have it. So, a lot of those can still happen. The other piece may be tile backsplash, adjusting some of those, changing the fixture colors. We've probably all had that house that you put those knobs on and then 15 years later, that nice polished brass color's not in. It doesn't take a lot of investment to go change. Maybe change out your faucet as well so it matches what you're doing.

Curt Wible: If the countertop's dated and the cabinets are good, then it may be time to just put a new countertop on, and that also brings some opportunities with the sink, depending on how old the countertops are, to maybe do an under-mount sink, which is a lot cleaner, a lot nicer look than some of the top mounts that may be in there.

Nathan Pfahler: Sure. Okay, cool. What are some design or design insights that you're seeing as far as that wow factor when you walk into a kitchen? What's something that helps that kitchen feel part of the great room versus not just the kitchen area? If you've got that open concept going on.

Curt Wible: What you're really wanting to do is make it warm and inviting and facilitate whoever's cooking or cleaning, to still be able to interact with the kids who are doing homework, the guests that are over. And so, a lot of what's going on is getting a way to invite them into the kitchen, a place to sit, a place to interact.

Curt Wible: The other aspect is to do a focal point. So, if you're in the family room and you're looking into the kitchen, the wall that you will see from the family room, you want to do something neat with. That may be where you put a big stainless steel hood over the oven. You may have some big corbels or set the cabinet out, or have it taller than the cabinets that are flanking it, something to just really draw people's eyes to that. And that can be done with the choice, the style, maybe even change the color of that cabinet. Or that might be where you put glass. There's a variety of options, but you want to draw the eyes there, for where it's easy for people to see.

Nathan Pfahler: Okay. Good to know.


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