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Recycling Made Easy


Recycling Made Easy

Recycling Made Easy

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We've all heard it, but do we live by it? Here are 5 ways you can easily recycle wherever you are!

1. The first step in recycling at home is to find a recycling place near you: http://www.recyclingcenters.org/. Next, set up easily accessible containers for members of your household to place paper, plastic and aluminum cans.

2. Have old computers, phones or other electronics taking up closet, basement or garage space? There are e-waste drop spots that will keep the toxins in those gadgets from winding up in the dumpster, find a list at http://www.allgreenrecycling.com/dropoff-locations/

3. Plastic bags can be brought back to many of your local retailers if you’ve run out of ways to reuse them!

4. Batteries are everywhere! Everything from toys to toothbrushes can now need a battery and what do you do once they’ve died or stopped taking a charge? If they go to a landfill, chemicals can leach into groundwater and if your trash is incinerated, the fumes released are toxic. Luckily, Call2Recycle has a permanent battery recycling program! http://www.call2recycle.org/locator/

5. Paint can be a difficult one to remember to recycle. Old cans lining shelf or floor space are bothersome. Find out where you can ditch colors you won’t use again at http://www.paintcare.org/drop-off-locations/

As a bonus, it's also recycling if you take your old clothes and/or household items to local charities. Organizations will even take your old car and give you a tax write-off!

Do you have a tip for recycling?